Evopoint, established in 2017, is a platform-based and innovative pharmaceutical company combined with scientific research strengthand commercialization capability. Based on the independent and innovative three technological platforms of target therapy, anti-infection, and PROTAC, we have formed a world-leading line for innovative medicine including BLI-Inhibitor,EZH2-Inhibitor, hURAT1-Inhibitor, and the new-generation ADC, covering tumor,anti-infection, metabolism, and other decease fields. At present, a number of productions in our company are at the clinical research and development stage.According to the excellent production data and the capability of out-licensing,we have reached multiple cooperation of out-licensing with domestic and foreign well-known companies, amounting to billions of dollars. Since Evopoint wasestablished, we have been committed to benefiting human health and providing ahigh-quality solution for significant but unsatisfied clinical demandworldwide.
Vision and Mission

Since we were established, we have been committedto benefiting human health and providing a high-quality solution forsignificant but unsatisfied clinical demand worldwide.

  • Sharing innovative fruits, winning a betterfuture
  • We are devoted ourselves to being a domesticfirst-class and worldwide well-known innovative pharmaceutical company
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